Antique Amplication Design

We not only repair or restore amplifiers but we are quite adept at either replicating existing designs, modifying/improving amplifiers as well as building new amplifiers from the ground up.   We are intimately familiar with all of the popular circuit modifications and have plenty of our own tricks that we can employ.   If a customer comes to us asking for an amplifier that has the cosmetics of an old Plush P-1000S, the circuit features of a D*mble ODS but a 4 x 6V6 power section?   No problem…we can build this amp from the ground up (And we have).   How about the entire D*mble ODS pre-amp, 100% tube stuffed into a stomp box that will fit on your pedal board?   Yep, piece of cake…we’ve built that as well.   Hot-Rodded Marshall meets Vox?   Yep, all well within our wheelhouse.

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