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Amp Specifications

Make: Dumble
Year of Mfg: 1978
Model: OD-100WR, Overdrive Reverb Special (OD Post Reverb)
Serial Number: 008X
Format: Head

Core Amplifier Component Specifications
Power Transformer: Fender (Woodward/Schumacher) L022756
Choke: Fender (Woodward/Schumacher) 022699
Reverb Transformer: Fender (Woodward/Schumacher) 022921
Low Voltage Transformer: Calrad
Output Transformer: Fender (Woodward/Schumacher) 022889
Switching Relay: Calrad 12 VDC/ 250 ohm/ 50 MA
OT secondary impedance: 4 ohms (Single Tap)

Face Panel Features:
Inputs Jacks: FET & Normal, (Signal to V1A)
Volume (Controls signal level to V1B)
Tone stack: Passive Treble, Middle, Bass,
Reverb Send: Signal to tank (V2A, V3A, V3B)
Reverb Return: Mix Signal to dry signal (V2B, V4A)
Overdrive: (Controls signal level to V5B)
Level: (Global Master Volume to V6)
3 x Slider Switches: Bright/Deep/Guitar-Microphone
1 x Slider Switch: Pedal/Manual
1 x Slider Switch: Mid (Presence)

Back Panel Features:
A/C Accessory Outlet
Reverse Polarity for chassis ground toggle switch
Fuse: 3AMP Slo-Blo
Mains toggle switch (Power On)
Standby toggle switch
Speaker Jacks 2 (4 ohms total)
Pre-amp output jack
Foot Pedal (XLR)

Tube Compliment:
V1 = 12AX7, 1st and 2nd gain stages (clean channel)
V2 = 12AX7, Reverb
V3 = 12AX7, Reverb
V4A = 12AX7, Reverb
V4B = 12AX7, 3rd gain stage (clean channel)
V5 = 12AX7, 4th & 5th gain stages, post relay (Overdrive)
V6 = 12AT7, Polarity Splitter
V7, V8, V9 & V10 = 6L6GC Power Tubes

Performance & Technical Specifications
Power (Rated) = 100 Watts
Power (Actual) = 90.25 Watts RMS (19 VAC into 4 ohms)
THD (Actual) = 4.69% @ 90. 25 Watts RMS
Pre-Amp + Power Section S/N Ratio (Actual) = -39dB
Power Section S/N Ratio (Actual) = -46.5dB
B+ = 432VDC @ idle
Bias = Fixed, -44VDC

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