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Antique Amplification has recently completed the full restoration of an impossibly scarce 1978 Dumble Overdrive Reverb Special, 100 watt.   The owner has requested that we assist in offering this fine specimen of Alexander “Howard” Dumble’s early work for sale. The ODRS is considered by many of the Dumble aficionados to be the “Holy Grail” of all Dumble amplifiers.  The exact production of this model is unknown but has been estimated to be less than fifteen total units.  The highest previously known serial number for an ODRS is #0078.  This amp has a serial number in the #0080’s making it very likely the last Mr. Dumble produced.  The current owner is the original owner, Mr. Bobby Watson, a professional guitarist that hails from Ontario, Canada.   He ordered it directly from Mr. Dumble in 1977 after falling in love with the sounds that Lowell George was getting out of his Dumble as well as those from his fellow Toronto based guitarist and friend, Amos Garrett.

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