About Antique Amplication

Antique Amplification is a small, 2-man operation situated in Southern California.   We specialize in repairing and restoring all forms of vintage amplification as well as modern amplifiers.   We are well versed in both vacuum tube and solid-state technologies and we pride ourselves on being able to properly diagnose and repair amplifiers that the competition cannot figure out.   We have decades of hands-on experience along with the requisite technical educational background to be truly qualified to properly repair your amplifier.

We also are able to resolve engineering flaws that many amplifiers left the factory with.   We can just as easily provide engineering and design support from concept all the way to a complete custom amplifier build from scratch.   We work on a very simple time and material billing format.   Our labor rate is a very modest $40/HR.   We do not have a flat “bench charge” like most shops, instead, we charge a diagnosis fee based on the actual time spent analyzing the problematic amplifier.

One of our specialties is improving the signal-to-noise ratio of an amplifier.   Most of the time, the amplifier you own had noise problems the day it left the factory and the situation has worsened as the internal components age.   Resolving noise issues requires considerable engineering expertise and we pride ourselves on how quiet and reliable we can make your amplifier.

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